65 LBS




Fish tough, fish strong, and may the 4orce be with you. Tuf-Line® 4orce Braided Line is the braided fishing line to reach for when ultimate strength is needed to pull hard-fighting fish out of heavy cover. Like all superlines, 4orce is made from poly microfibers; at Tuf-Line, these strands are tightly bundled and, using proprietary Tension Lock Technology, braided together into a close 4-carrier diamond weave and finish coated, giving you a line that's exceptionally strong and compact, round and castable, and highly abrasion-resistant. Like mud tires in the backcountry, Tuf-Line 4orce comes through all types of underwater terrain, making it the ideal power-fishing braid for penetrating brush, matted grass, and mangrove thickets. Small diameter, near-zero stretch, and superb sensitivity make it a must-have for any angler heading into the combat zone! Great for both fresh- and saltwater.