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, Colour: Chartreuse, Glow Crystal Chartreuse, Gold Green Yellow, UV Purple Stripe, UV Blue Stripe, UV Charteruse, UV Purple Moon Jelly Green Yellow
CUSTOM SERIES, Colour: UV Chilli Pepper, Blue Magoo
SUPER SERIES, Colour: STS, Brain Freeze Blue
TWISTED SISTA SERIES, Colour: Twister Sista Green
WATERMARK SERIES, Colour: Watermark Purple
WATERMARK WHITE, Colour: Watermark White


Gibb’s #1 Highliner is a rotating flasher made from the finest quality plastic resins. Fitted with welded jump rings, ball bearing swivel, and coastlock terminal snaps. As the flasher rotates, it imparts a lifelike swimming and darting action to all baits and lures.