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The Camillus Tigersharp 8" Fixed Blade Knife is unlike most fixed blade knives on the market. Featuring our specialized TigerSharp technology, sharpening will be a thing of the past. Separate replacement blades can simply be slotted between the guides when the original blade becomes dull, but this also presents a unique opportunity for versatility as well. The TigerSharp also includes one smooth and one serrated blade that can easily be swapped in and out of the handle based on the task. Made of Titanium Bonded 420J2 steel as well, every blade compatible with the TigerSharp replacement system will boast exceptional corrosion resistance and be 3x harder than untreated stainless steel. Given the high degree of versatility afforded by the TigerSharp, the handle features an essential Non-Slip grip to allow for stability and control in the many diverse conditions and temperatures it can be used in