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Large Frame Fits 19"-22" Torso. Large Dimensions: 28 IN x 17 IN x 12 IN. Medium Frame Fits 17"-19" Torso. Medium Dimensions: 26 IN x 17 IN x 12 IN. It’s been 25 years since the birth of our first 2200 Pack, and a lot has changed. One thing hasn’t: this pack is still at the cutting edge of load-carrying perfection. Every year, we make improvements, to reduce weight, enhance balance and mobility, and just plain make it a shiz-ton better. This year alone, we made more than 25 enhancements, including a lighter, stronger magnesium frame, a weight-loss program that cut nearly a pound off (Hey, does this pack make me look thinner?) and a tighter, slightly lower center of gravity for increased mobility. Because the only other thing that hasn't changed in 25 years is this: 50 pounds is still heavy.