Western Canada Backroad GPS at a Glance:Designed for industry use and outdoor recreationists, this product combines all of Western Canada into one Backroad GPS Map, from BC to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Over 1,450,000 km of our backroads network combined into one map, including over 830,000 km of routable roads.Brand new Lake Bathymetry depth contour for 2,250+ fishing lakes, rivers, and streams. Addition of private leased land for hunters and anglers. Private and leased land clearly identified in BC. Township and Range Sections in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Address Search tool for Alberta and Manitoba. Searchable Oil and Gas LSD Grid Locations, Compressor Stations, Gas Plants, Wellsites and other Resource Facilities. Marked Wildlife Management Units, Wildlife Management Zones and Game Hunting Areas Thousands of kilometres of ATV Trails, snowmobile routes, multi-use hiking, biking and cross-country skiing trails and paddling routes, with marked trailheads and access points/portages. Tens of thousands of fishing hotspots, parks and conservation areas, campsites, hunting areas, winter recreation areas and more. Over 100,000 land and water geographic features.