There is nothing like taking your harvest and making it into delicious food for your family. We've sourced a great recipe for smoked venison backstrap. Enjoy!

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Load Up For The Hunt Fall Flyer

Load up the car and get down to Island Outfitters for the Load up for the Hunt Fall Flyer! Begining on September 12, 2019 save on hundreds of items to get you, your friends and your family ready...

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Angler Protest - July 15th

On July 15th the BC Coast opens for the retention of Chinook Salmon. Meanwhile the straight of Juan de Fuca remains closed. It has been asked of Minister Wilkinson and DFO “Why we can’t retain a hatchery marked Chinook?”, with NO REPLY. It’s time we let the government know how important this public fishery is to all of us. Please show up in your boat, kayak, canoe or whatever floatation device you have. Attendance is critical and without your support we fail!

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