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Save $300 - Lowrance HDS Ultimate Upgrade!

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Lowrance Ultimate Upgrade Celebrating 60 Years Of Sonar Excellence - Save up to $300  As we celebrate 60 years of sonar excellence, we are giving you the perfect excuse to get your boat ready for warmer weather — the Lowrance 60th Anniversary Ultimate Upgrade event. From now until May 31, 2017, purchase a new HDS Carbon or HDS Gen multifunction display with a qualified accessory and you could save up to $300. This is the first time Lowrance has included a new unit, like HDS Carbon, in an offer like this, so take advantage of the savings, while they last.

$300 Offer:

Buy any HDS Carbon or Gen3 display and StructureScan® 3D Module/Transducer separately.

$200 Offer:

Buy any HDS Carbon or Gen3 display and TotalScan™ Skimmer Transducer separately.

$100 Offer:

Buy any HDS Carbon or Gen3 display pre-bundled with a StructureScan® 3D Module/Transducer or a TotalScan™ Skimmer Transducer.

To Receive your Lowrance Visa® Prepaid Card:

  • Purchase one of the qualifying products between March 1 and May 31, 2017 in the USA, CAN or PR.
  • Download the rebate form. Complete and mail the form by June 21, 2017.
  • Include the original UPC or EAN barcode from each product box.
  • Include a dated copy of your register receipt.
  • Limit three reward claims per household.
  • Mail these items and the form to the following address:
    Lowrance Rebates Offer #30120 P.O. Box 7210 Mesa, AZ 85216, USA
*Applies to U.S.A, Canada and Puerto Rico only.

Qualifying Products:

Technology Navico Part# Barcode Description
HDS-7 Carbon 000-13674-001 9420024158913 HDS-7 Carbon NOXD
HDS-7 Carbon 000-13677-001 9420024158944 HDS-7 Carbon TScan Bundle
HDS-7 Carbon 000-13674-002 9420024159224 HDS-7 Carbon SS3D Bundle
HDS-9 Carbon 000-13680-001 9420024158975 HDS-9 Carbon NOXD
HDS-9 Carbon 000-13683-001 9420024159002 HDS-9 Carbon TScan Bundle
HDS-9 Carbon 000-13680-002 9420024159248 HDS-9 Carbon SS3D Bundle
HDS-12 Carbon 000-13686-001 9420024159033 HDS-12 Carbon NOXD
HDS-12 Carbon 000-13689-001 9420024159064 HDS-12 Carbon TScan Bundle
HDS-12 Carbon 000-13686-002 9420024159262 HDS-12 Carbon StructureScan®3D Bundle
HDS-7 Gen3 000-11786-001 9420024135167 HDS-7 GEN3 INSIGHT low/high 50/200
HDS-7 Gen3 000-11785-001 9420024135150 HDS-7 GEN3 INSIGHT med/high 83/200
HDS-7 Gen3 000-11784-001 9420024135143 HDS-7 GEN3 INSIGHT NOXD
HDS-7 Gen3 000-13263-001 9420024154649 HDS-7 GEN3 TScan Bundle
HDS-7 Gen3 000-12914-001 9420024150214 HDS-7 Gen3 SS3D Bundle
HDS-9 Gen3 000-11791-001 9420024135211 HDS-9 GEN3 Insight low/high 50/200
HDS-9 Gen3 000-11790-001 9420024135204 HDS-9 GEN3 INSIGHT med/high 83/200
HDS-9 Gen3 000-11789-001 9420024135198 HDS-9 GEN3 INSIGHT NOXD
HDS-9 Gen3 000-13265-001 9420024154663 HDS-9 GEN3 TScan Bundle
HDS-9 Gen3 000-12915-001 9420024150221 HDS-9 GEN3 SS3D Bundle
HDS-12 Gen3 000-11796-001 9420024135266 HDS-12 GEN3 Insight low/high 50/200
HDS-12 Gen3 000-11795-001 9420024135259 HDS-12 GEN3 INSIGHT med/high 83/200
HDS-12 Gen3 000-11794-001 9420024135242 HDS-12 GEN3 INSIGHT NOXD
HDS-12 Gen3 000-13267-001 9420024154687 HDS-12 GEN3 TScan Bundle
HDS-12 Gen3 000-12916-001 9420024150238 HDS-12 GEN3 SS3D Bundle
StructureScan 3D 000-12395-001 9420024142875 StructureScan® 3D Module w/Transducer
TotalScan 000-12568-001 9420024145265 TotalScan™ Mid/High 455/800 Skimmer
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