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New in Stock - Stanley Cookware

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  We now have an even larger selection of Stanley cookware and mugs in stock!  Not sure what best suits you?  See below for descriptions on the Adventure Series, the Classic Series and the new Go Series to find out.

ADVENTURE SERIES: For the Adventurer.

All of the essential items durable enough for a seriously good time. The Adventure Series combines the Stanley’s classic reputation for tough construction and legendary thermal insulation in every form factor ever needed to keep your hot stuff hot and your cold stuff cold for days.

CLASSIC SERIES: Still hot after all these years.

Built like a battleship and marked by our classic hammertone green finish and legendary thermal insulation, the Classic Series is cornerstone of the Stanley brand. From jobsite to campsite, to kitchen - this is the Stanley collection that has been around for generations. Born from necessity and still reliable enough to last a lifetime or two, or three. Not retro-sheik cool. Still cool. Since 1913.

GO SERIES: Ceramivac™ Technology combines the smooth feel of a ceramic mug with legendary Stanley insulation.  No metallic taste or odor.

We wondered if you loved your favorite old ceramic coffee mug for reasons more than nuking your coffee before you'd even finished your Cheerios so, we did some research. Turns out that you actually liked the smooth finish of the ceramic and the fact that it didn’t smell like an old penny like that tin camp mug you used as a kid. And you wished it stayed hot longer. Well, we just made your new favorite, the GO Series with Ceramivac™ – with all the same tough Stanley steel + famous thermal retention, now with Ceramivac™ technology, a smooth ceramic finish to tame your inner savage. And like every great pirate, you only wanted one cup for tea, water and rum so, this collection serves you long past breakfast. Coffee in the morning, water all day and backyard beers at night, just – Drink. Rinse. And GO.