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Knife Sharpening Instructions from Buck Knives

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Everyone loves a good sharp knife; not only is it safer to use, but also easier to use – whatever your cutting!  If you have troubles keeping your knives sharp, this article is for you. Check out this Buck Family Inside Tip: 

Al Buck (1910-1991) had a great tip using a felt pen for people struggling to master sharpening by hand. He would tell people there were only three things to remember when sharpening: "Always cut into the stone, never drag your knife edge back over the stone and always maintain your angle." 

To use Al's method, take a black felt pen and shade in the bevel of the knife. Then take two strokes on the stone and examine the edge. If you have maintained the proper angle then all the black will be gone. If you see black on the top of the edge it means you are holding the back of the knife too far from the stone. If there is black on the bottom of the edge but the top is clean then you are laying the knife too flat on the stone and you need to raise it a bit. Repaint the edge and try it again. Once you discover what the right angle looks like then just maintain that. 

For full knife sharpening instructions, visit the Buck Knives website here: