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Gibbs G-Force Spoons!

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The G-force spoons have brought more excitement to this summer's fishing.  We've had positive feedback from customers & fishing guides on all colors & sizes.  In particular, offshore in Port Renfrew 6" G-force spoons have been hot by themselves; try colors such as "No Banana's" or "Swiftsure Special" .  If you 're fishing for chinooks at the shore or the beach in Port Renfrew 4" G-force spoons behind flashers have been reeling them in, try the "Outfitter" & "The Candy Striper".  For the fisherman/woman fishing Constance Bank or Oak Bay the best bet would be the 3.5" behind either the "Moon Jelly" or "Red Racer" flasher (using the colors "Irish Cream" or "Paddy Wagon" have been successful).