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Fisheries and Oceans Canada Proposal - 2019

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Please read - like - share, help to get the word out!
Fisheries and Oceans Canada has released their proposal for the upcoming 2019 sport fishing season. We have been given two options (See the full file and details on our website):
Option A: April 1 - July 31 Chinook Non-Retention
Option B: April 1 - July 31 1 Chinook/Day
Please help by emailing your concerns stressing the importance of not going with Option A. This would be devastating to Vancouver Island.Going with Option A would destroy our community and local jobs, and local companies in sport fishing will be crushed.
This is important to Vancouver Island socially and economically.
Please take the time to save YOUR fishery. We need to tell the government what it means to you, your family, and your community.
Take the 5 minutes, and do it now. (Send to all)
Please EMAIL:
Jeff Grout
Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson