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BC’s Southern Resident Killer Whales are endangered, here are the facts:

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So is the truth about the reasons why. Over the past few decades BC’s Southern Resident Killer Whale population has seen periods of both growth and decline. But now, ill-informed and unscrupulous political groups are exploiting public concern about our killer whales to push a devastating agenda and make scapegoats of BC’s coastal communities. 

In a cynical effort to push their political agenda, a well-funded lawsuit and media campaign are targeting recreational sport fishing and threatening to close the Chinook fishery across vast areas of BC’s coast.

Stopping sport fishing will not aid our killer whales.

Instead it will devastate BC families, BC’s coastal communities, and BC’s economy. Sport fishing is a vital part of our history, heritage, and economy.

Stopping sport fishing would be an economic and political disaster.

BC’s recreational sport fishing community cares deeply about our entire ecosystem. No one has a greater interest or serves a larger role in protecting, preserving and enhancing BC’s marine life.

We encourage you to learn more about the real problem, and the real solution, by visiting and by sharing this information with others, including your local political representatives.

Together we can help enhance both our killer whale and Chinook populations.

Make sure to share, and help educate everyone on what is going on! 

The Sport Fishing Institute of BC is here to protect our environment and help ensure sport fishing is around for you and your families.

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