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B.C. Residency Hunting Credentials

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Have you checked to see if you need to renew your BC residency hunting credentials?  Every three years, BC residents must rewew their credentials to ensure that there are no issues when purchasing their hunting licenses and tags.  

Residency and hunting credentials prove you're qualified to hunt in British Columbia. They're displayed on your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID) profile.  Resident hunters are required to prove they are a resident of British Columbia every 3 years.  Hunter's Fish and Wildlife online profile will display the residency expiry date.  If your residency credential has not yet expired, but will within six months, visit a Service BC, or FrontCounter BC office to show your proof of residency and ask the counter agent to renew your residency credential for another 3 years.  You can also update your residency by logging into your online Fish and Wildlife profile, and selecting “Update Residency”.  Log in to your online profile at

To save yourself a trip, before coming down to the store to purchase your hunting license or tags, ensure that your credentials are up to date.  Check out the step-by-step guide below, or give Front Counter BC a call at 1-877-855-3222.

For full details, please click here: