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Back this February 2019 and in conjunction with Island Outfitters, Canwest Productions is pleased to produce the largest and most successful Boat, Fishing & Outdoor Show on Vancouver Island to date! With our inside space jammed with new boats, products, and displays we are focusing on bringing a bigger variety of exhibitors – with more product and specials that our attendees are asking for!

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada Proposal - 2019

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has released their proposal for the upcoming 2019 sport fishing season. We have been given two options (See the full file and details on our website):
Option A: April 1 - July 31 Chinook Non-Retention
Option B: April 1 - July 31 1 Chinook/Day
Please help by emailing your concerns stressing the importance of not going with Option A. This would be devastating to Vancouver Island.Going with Option A would destroy our community and local jobs, and local companies in sport fishing will be crushed.

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Island Outfitters Ltd. 25th Anniversary Logo Contest
We are another year older, and needing some help with our logo! We like our font and generic logo just the way it is but for our 25th Anniversary we want to make sure we show Victoria how proud we are as a local retailer!
We have a few examples on our website but want the people who know us best, our customers, to help us out.
Using our current logo we want you to emphasize our 25th Anniversary. The logo with new design that is chosen will win an Island Outfitter's Boat Show Package!
Package Includes:
-2 Tickets to the 2019 Boat Show at Eagleridge
-Your logo on Island Outfitter's Gear: Hoodie, Hat, T-Shirt, and more! (Don't worry you'll get one of everything!)
-Boat Show Prize pack: Filled with every fishers' needs
Submit all designs to: by Feb 17, 2019 midnight
Make sure to include: Your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and Social Media handles. 

See full contest details below!

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