Island Outfitters Fishing Report

Week Ending November 3, 2019

Saltwater Report

Saltwater Overview

Salmon fishing has been SLOW from Sooke to Victoria with very little activity by anglers. Anglers are now concentrating on winter (feeder) springs (chinooks). Coho fishing is basically over. Halibut fishing was FAIR in most areas as well and there are lots of dogfish around.


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Spring fishing was SLOW with only small winter springs being caught. Anchovies have been the most effective bait recently. Good choices for teaser head colors are Bloody Nose, Chartreuse and Purple Haze. Spoons such as Skinny G’s, Wee G’s, Coho Killers and 4″ Coyote spoons have been good too. AP Tackleworks spoons have also worked in Lemon /Lime. If you are using hootchies or squirts, make sure it has glow white as one of the colours. Popular flasher color patterns have been with glow and moon jelly colours.

Becher Bay

Salmon fishing has been SLOW according to Cheanuh Marina. The best fishing has been between Aldridge Point and Beechey Head. Some small winter springs are moving into the bay and it should pick up between the breakwater and Fraser Island soon. Anchovies have provided the most consistent results and green glow teasers have produced the best. Good spoons have been Skinny G’s, Coho Killers and Coyotes with Gold//Silver the best producer.  Needlefish hootchies in White, Glow/Green and Purple Haze are the top choices in plastic baits. The GIBBS Highliner Guide Series Outfitters, the Bon Chovy, and Gold Fever Hot Spot flashers had been working well.


Pedder Bay

Some feeder springs from 3 to 5 lbs have been caught close to the bottom in over 100 feet of water by Pedder Bay. Anchovies and herring were the best baits for salmon this past week. Good choices for teaser head colors were Glow Chart, UV Green and Bloody Nose. Spoons have been very effective with Skinny G’s, Wee G’s and AP Tackleworks spoons catching fish. The smaller spoons have been working the best. Green and glow or green and silver have been the best color combinations.  Hootchies and squirts were working with Pink, Purple Haze or UV Green good color choices.  Flashers that are popular include the Guide Series Madi, Bon Chovy Green/Glow Hot Spots


Salmon fishing was SLOW this past week off Victoria. The coho fishing is done for the season as they have headed for the rivers. Very few sallmon were being caught close in along the waterfront. Anchovies and herring have taken are the bait of choice for those trolling. Good choices for teaser head colors are Chartreuse, UV Green and Bloody Nose. Spoons had been working very well with Skinny G’s and Coho Killers in Irish Cream, Outfitters and the AP Tackleworks 3” Lemon/lime or Neon Army Truck spoons good choices. Joanne Skakun and friend Terry were out yesterday on a successful Halibut trip! 45lbs of BC White Gold!

Oak Bay

Chinook fishing was FAIR in Oak Bay. The Gap and the Flats produced most of the action with springs. 3” AP Tackleworks spoons, Wee G’s and Skinny G’s have been good spoons for trollers. Squirts will also work with Jelly fish and Electric Chairs good bets. Jiggers do best fishing near Brodie Rock using Deep Stingers and Point Wilson Darts.


Salmon fishing was SLOW this past week. We’ve haven’t heard of a single legal spring being caught in two weeks. We did hear that there are under size springs in the area. There have been some coho near Fairfax Point. Suggested spoons are Coho Killers, Gibbs Skinny G and Wee G spoons and AP Tackleworks Sandlance spoons. Suggested colours are Cop Car and Trap Shack. Anchovies and are also good in Glow or Bloody Nose teaser heads.


Halibut fishing was SLOW this past week.  Herring was the most popular bait, but bring lots, as there may be a lot of dogfish.

Saltwater Notable Catches

Notable Catches: Joanne Skakun and friend Terry were out yesterday on a successful Halibut trip! 45lbs of BC White Gold!

Please send photos (in jpeg format) with name(s) and a description of your notable catch to our email

Please send photos (in jpeg format) and descriptions of your notable catch to to be featured on our fishing report.

Freshwater Report

Freshwater Overview

Fishing was GOOD for trout and SLOWING DOWN for bass.


ffective 00:01 hours November 8, 2019 to 23:59 hours December 31, 2019, the 
daily limit for Coho Salmon is one (1) per day, in the following portion of the 
Cowichan River:

-from 66 Mile Trestle downstream to the white triangle boundary sign located in 
Sandy Pool Regional Park.

As per FN1130, all other salmon species remain non-retention.


Please be reminded the minimum size for Coho is 25 cm in non-tidal waters.

Barbless hooks are required when fishing for salmon in tidal and non-tidal 
waters of British Columbia.
Anglers are further reminded that intentionally (willfully) foul-hooking fish 
or attempting to foul hook fish is illegal and that non-compliance may result 
in closure. (Foul hook is defined as: hooking a fish in any part of its body 
other than the mouth).

Cowichan River

Trout fishing is starting to improve at the top end in the fly fishing only section. Recent rains have doubled the water level in the river and salmon are making their way up the river. Cowichan River - from 66 Mile Trestle downstream to the white triangle boundary sign located in Sandy Pool Regional Park - is open each week on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a non-retention salmon fishing opportunity.


Trout fishing has been GOOD for trout at local lakes. Shore anglers are catching trout on Powerbait, Gulp Eggs, and worms while fishing close to the bottom. Pink, Chartreuse and Fluorescent Yellow have been good choices recently for Powerbait. Fly anglers are mostly fishing Wooly Buggers, Leeches and Chironomid patterns. Trollers are catching trout with worms fished behind Gibbs Gang Trolls and on Gibbs Wedding Bands. Tomic Plugs in 2”-3” sizes have also been working well for trout. Cowichan Lake has been good recently. 

The Vancouver Island Fish hatchery continued the fall stocking program of catchable triploid rainbow trout in south Island lakes. On October 30th, Kemp and Shawnigan lakes received 1,000 trout, Matheson and Thetis lakes 500 trout, Ida Anne Lake 350 trout and Lookout Lake 250 trout averaging 241.17 g in size. On October 24th, Durrance Lake received 1,000 trout, Spectacle Lake 1,000 trout and Glen Lake 500 trout averaging 277.62 g is size. On October 23rd, Elk Lake received 2,000 trout averaging 270g in size. On October 8th, Durrance Lake received 1,500 trout averaging 242.96 g in size. On October 3rd, Thetis Lake received 1,000 trout, Kemp and Matheson lakes 500 trout, Poirier Lake 300 trout, Colwood Lake 250 trout and Lookout Lake 250 trout averaging 238.05 grams in size. On October 2nd, Langford Lake received 2,500 trout and Glen Lake 500 trout averaging 236.74grams in size. On October 1st, Prospect lake received 2,500 trout and ThetisLake received 500 trout and Lookout lake 250 trout averaging 259.75 grams in size. On September 27th Langford Lake received 995 rout averaging 724.62grams in size. On September 25th, Prospect Lake received 1,004 trout averaging 725.81grams in size.


Bass fishing has SLOWED DOWN on Island lakes. The bass are moving into deeper water and getting more sluggish as the water cools. Yum Dingers and other soft plastics have been very effective. Langford Lake, Shawnigan Lake, Prospect Lake and Elk and Beaver Lakes are the best local bass lakes. St. Mary’s Lake on Salt Spring Island is also a great lake for bass fishing.

Freshwater Notable Catches

Please send photos (in jpeg format) with name(s) and a description of your notable catch to our email


Fish Tip of the Week

Forget about using your flasher if you’re using spoons, anchovies or herring as bait for winter springs. The water clarity is so good in the winter that the fish can spot your bait from a much greater distances than other times of the year.  If you want the attraction of a flasher, use a dummy flasher below your bait near the downrigger ball.  It is so much fun to play a fish without any flasher on the line.

2019 Island Outfitters' Leader Boards

Island Outfitters starts and ends the year with our free, for fun and prizes, Salmon, Trout and Halibut Leader Boards. Simply weigh your catch in at Island Outfitters and the top five fish in each category on December 31st win a special prize.


  1. 5 lbs. 1 oz – Dale Whittaker – Langford lake – Rainbow Rapala – September 15th
  2. 5 lbs. – Chad Vandermolen – Langford Lake – Muddler Minnow – March 31st
  3. 4 lbs. 8 oz – Peter Grant – Langford Lake – Brown Leech – March 30th
  4. 4 lbs. 2 oz – Mike Greenwood – Langford Lake – Rapala – March 23rd
  5. 4 lbs. – Kimberly Skillings – Langford Lake – Pink Powerbait – January 29th


  1. 33lbs . 9ox – Bruce Cook – Camper Creek – Anchovy – August 5th
  2. 31lbs. – Don Coleman – N179R Squirt – SOOKE - August 12th
  3. 29 lbs. 6 oz – Devan Demarchi – Sooke – Anchovy – September 7th
  4. 28 lbs. – Gerry Nugent – Breakwater – Anchovy – September 11th
  5. 27 lbs . 7oz – Stuart Triplett – Anchovy – Trap Shack - August 12th


  1. 61.1 lbs. – Kael Campbell – Oak Bay – April 27th
  2. 57.4 lbs. – Mike Bastone – Race Rocks – April 27th
  3. 53.1 lbs. – Tyson Daniel – Discovery Island – Herring – April 28th
  4. 52.2 lbs. – Peter Crowe – Constance Bank – Herring – September 13th
  5. 51.9 lbs. – Ian Bishop – Haro Strait – Herring – May 14th

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