Fishing Report for week Ending June 19th

Fishing Report for Week Ending June 18, 2012



Salmon fishing out off Constance Bank continues to be strong. Boats fishing with coho killers, anchovies, and squirts continue to do best. Flashers to use are the Purple Onion, green haze, purple gold, and Betsy’s. Don’t forget to sometimes use those old classics like silver green, silver red, gold red, gold green etc. They caught fish back in the day and they still catch fish now. Wind has played a role in keeping boats off the water this week it seems like almost everyday its windy.

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Salmon fishing is on and off. Some days the reports are multiple fish for some boats others not a bite. Only way to really know is to get out there and try your luck. Some nice fish have been caught this week up to 28 lbs. Fish have been found all the way down to 100 feet. Anchovies, herring, and coyote spoons have been the top producers this past week, all trolled behind a flasher. Halibut fishing remains good off of the bluffs for fish up to 50lbs. Octopus, Herring, salmon bellies and Mackerel are the best baits to use when targeting these fish.

Victoria Area-

Salmon Fishing:

Constance Bank has been producing the most fish. Fishing off the bottom in these areas is still the best way to catch salmon on flasher/hootchies, or spoon combos. Purple Haze, Electric Chair, or any of the UV squirts have been the best. For spoons Coho Killers and coyote spoons are favored in all of the popular colors. Cop Car/Oreo Cookie, green silver, blue silver, gold nugget, glow white, double glow chartreuse, and purple white. Anchovies behind flashers are worth trying if it seems like nothing is going on. Blue chrome, tiger prawn, glow, UV, bloody nose teaser heads behind purple haze, purple onion, pink haze, or glow chartreuse flashers are good combinations to try. Fish have been averaging much the same as the previous weeks sizes in that 6-12lb range. With reports of some nice fish into the twenties being caught. With the new regs you are able to retain one over and one under 67cm.


Upcoming tides are looking good. Try your luck out on Constance Bank, Oak Bay, or just try exploring, you never know when you could find that new honey hole. Octopus, herring and salmon bellies have been the preferred bait. Use these baits mixed together in a hali sandwich or just on there own.

Port Renfrew-


The fishing for salmon out of Port Renfrew this last week was on fire. Most boats were getting into multiple fish each day. This past weekend was the First annual Port Renfrew Invitational Derby and it began with rain and wind! The fishing was good with lots of springs being caught. After Day 1 the fish board was 30.15 , 27.7 and a 18.7lb fish. Sunday it rained more and the wind was even worse. Fishing was slow on Sunday and the previous days results didn’t change. Des Hatchard’s boat took first and third place, with Corey Arnetts boat taking second. 5% of the winnings were donated to the Port Renfrew Salmon Hatchery. The action was being had at Camper, Logan, Owen and Walbran.


Lots of chickens have been coming in. These fish are the best eating size and are up to 40lbs. Swiftsure Bank, and all the spots closer to shore where boats are anchoring are producing fish on a regular basis. Most of the larger halibut are caught while being anchored and fishing Octopus, herring, mackerel, and salmon bellies.


Haven’t heard much going on in Sidney recently, not sure if there isn’t many people fishing or no ones talking about it. I guess the only way to really know is to head out and give it a shot. Good spots to try are Coal Island, Sidney Island, the Powder Wharfs, and Hamley Point. Squirts, anchovies, and coyote or coho killer spoons fished near the bottom are the top producers for the Sidney area.



Trout fishing locally continues to go strong. With the colder than normal June we’ve been having it’s kind of extended the trout fishing season. Water temperatures have been around 15 degrees Celsius in most lakes this is an ideal temperature to keep the trout active. Prospect, Elk, and Langford continue to produce numbers of decent fish up to 21’’.


Bass fishing in any of the local lakes continues to be good. Any of the Berkley Power bait products, especially in black should work well fished off of a Carolina Rig. Try fishing close to docks, drop offs, submerged islands, wood, and any overhanging debri. The new Spro crankbaits have been working well in Elk/Beaver and Langford Lakes for larger than average bass.

Cowichan River-

The river went up a little after the rain we had the last few days, it is now steady at .643 and doesn’t show any drop yet. There have been some good browns caught lately on streamers and Nymphs. Large salmon smolt patterns can be deadly for large Browns over 20’’. Keep an eye out for fry too. Also there have been complaints of spin fishermen in the fly only section of river. Keep an eye out and report any possible poachers. Remember it is fly fishing only between the trestle at Greendale road and the 70.2 mile trestle. All wild trout must be released on all streams in region 1 as well. Also don’t forget to pinch those barbs.

Notable Catches-

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Fishing tip of the Week:

When salmon fishing and it seems like the bite has gone off, try speeding up your troll a little bit, sometime this turns the fish back on. This works especially well with squirts and coho killers.

Island Outfitters Leader Board – 2012


1) 162.3 lbs – Des Hatchard - Port Renfrew – Herring – April 15th

2) 145.6 lbs – Ken Emms - OakBay– Herring – April 15th

3) 144.5.4 lbs – Trevor MacDougall - OakBay– Herring – May 12th

4) 142.6 lbs – Andrew Stawicki - HaroStrait– Octopus – May 13th

5) 133.5 lbs – Andrew Stawicki - Oak Bay- June 9th


1) 28.6 lbs – Duane Berthrand - Trap Shack- June 15th

2) 28.5 lbs – Falon Lancey - Sherringham Point – Anchovy – May 25th