What to Bring

What should you bring on your next fishing adventure? Here are some items that we suggest:

For both Port Renfrew and Victoria fishing charters, we recommend that you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, and clothing suitable to the weather conditions. An extra layer of clothing can come in handy, as it can get cool out on the water.

During winter months, gloves may come in handy. Depending on the time of your charter, bringing a snack or lunch is also a good idea. With notice, a lunch can be provided for you at an additional cost.

We highly recommend that you bring a camera or video camera to capture the special moments that can occur during your charter!

Aside from snapping a shot of your catch, you never know when you might encounter sightings such as orcas, gray whales, humpback whales, porpoise, sea lions, and other marine mammals when out on the ocean.

You must purchase a fishing license, and bring it with you, in order to fish. Here are more details.