Salmon Charters

Experience the exhilaration of exceptional salmon fishing.

Heart-pounding Chinook salmon (Kings) from 10-60lbs are waiting to challenge you. Fish for acrobatic coho salmon (Silvers), some of the most sought after angling species on the West Coast. Ranging from 5 to 20+ pounds, coho salmon offer limitless excitement to novice and veteran anglers alike.

Other salmon fishing opportunities include pink, chum, and sockeye salmon. Great fun for the whole family and any seasoned angler!

On our Salmon Fishing Charters we typically troll using a flasher and spoon, hoochie or an anchovy.  Some examples of the gear we like to use are:

Salmon Fishing Lures

Salmon Species


We are lucky enough to have Chinook Salmon available year round in our waters. We fish for feeder Chinooks in the late fall, winter, and the early spring. There are many of these eager fish which are typically 4- 20 pounds. Then in the Spring we start to see Chinook ranging from 9-25 pounds from the migratory grounds. They come in large numbers, and by the summer months, our waters are full of migratory salmon, ranging from 15-30 pounds, with only a limited number of feeders. Although there are fewer of them, the largest Chinooks of the year come through July – September. These fish range from 15-45 pounds, with a few being over 50 pounds. Chinook put up a great fight so be ready for long running times!


Our local coho fishery starts in mid-July and goes until the end of October, with the peak falling between late July and late August. The average weight of a coho salmon ranges between 4-13 pounds. Coho are the most acrobatic of the salmon and are very exciting to fight once hooked.


Sockeye season is typically between mid July and early September - however, this varies year to year. Sockeye tend to swim in schools, so it is common to have multiple hookups when fishing for these salmon. Sockeye are also considered one of the best salmon for eating.


Pink Salmon are very fast and scrappy, and often fight at the surface of the water. Pink years are odd years (2015, 2017 etc.), which means it is these years that they are around our local waters before they head up to the rivers.  Although pinks usually range between 4-8 pounds, double and triple headers are often common. When you troll by a school, you can't keep them off your line!


Chum salmon are in our waters from September to early November and are very good fighters.

Want to identify your catch? Here is an identification guide:

Salmon Species Chart

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