Cowichan River Freshwater Charters

Come enjoy world-class river fishing on beautiful Vancouver Island

The Cowichan River is renowned for its exceptional Fly fishing opportunities year-round. Expert guides will row you down the river in drift boats and have you fishing with professional equipment. We have all the tools to make your freshwater fishing vacation a reality!

The Cowichan River contains two species of native trout: Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout. It also has a good population of Brown Trout that were originally stocked in the 1930′s. Brown trout are now sustaining their own population and provide a unique angling experience not found anywhere else in the province.

All of the Cowichan’s trout are now wild. November and December can have some exceptional trout Fly fishing using egg patterns; as the salmon spawn the trout gorge themselves on eggs. A person can have some very high number trout days, with 20-40 fish being the norm.

Alongside trout, the Cowichan also has exceptional fishing for steelhead and salmon. These fish can be caught on gear and on the fly. Chinook (King), Coho (Silver), and Chum salmon are all native to the river, returning each fall to spawn. Best times to plan a trip here for these anadromous fish is in November when large amounts of coho are in the river and take flies and spinners readily.

April until July is when the trout season is in full swing, as golden stoneflies, caddis flies, and march brown mayflies begin to hatch. Trout will feed vigorously on them, with nymphs and dry flies producing the most fish on a regular basis. Swinging large streamers will target large rainbows and browns.

The great trout fishing, coupled with salmon and winter steelhead, really does make the Cowichan River a river for all seasons.

Our expert guides have intimate knowledge of a large variety of techniques used to entice these spectacular fish. Learn from the pros as you drift these famed waters.

Also available from Island Outfitters are freshwater fishing opportunities on the Nitinat and San Juan Rivers.

Primarily a Fall fishery, the Nitinat and San Juan Rivers provide great angling for Chinook, Coho, and Chum salmon, as well as native Cutthroat trout.