Fish Processing

Catch a fish and not sure what to do next? Island Outfitters is a drop-off depot for St.Jeans Cannery & Smokehouse, who can process your catch among many other things. Your catch can then be held for you to pick up at one of their stores, here at Island Outfitters, or ship directly to an address of your choice!

Custom Canning

Our custom canned salmon and tuna are hand-packed, contain no added oil or water, and are ready to eat out of the can. They’re also perfect to share with friends and family.


Regular Canning 2.25 Per Can
Smoked & Canned 2.95 Per Can
Skinless / Boneless add 0.30 Per Can


Regular Canning 2.50 Per Can
Smoked & Canned 3.25 Per Can

Hot Smoked

St. Jean’s Hot Smoked Wild Salmon is the classic and delectable smoked salmon style (also known as barbecue style) that seafood fans all over the world crave! How do we prepare it? We cure your salmon (or tuna) with our special mix of spices before smoking at a high temperature with natural hardwood in our own smokehouses. Rich and flavourful.


Westcoast Hot Smoked 3.25 Per Lb
Peppercorn Hot Smoked 3.65 Per Lb
Cajun Hot Smoked 3.65 Per Lb


Westcoast Hot Smoked 3.50 Per Lb

Candied | Honey Glazed

St. Jean’s Candied Wild Salmon is a true delicacy. We start by portioning your salmon into thin strips, cure them in our special brine, glaze with western Canadian honey, and finally smoke to a delightful perfection.


Honey Glazed Strips 4.25 Per Lb
Peppercorn Honey Glazed 4.50 Per Lb


Honey Glazed 4.25 Per Lb

Cold Smoked | Lox

St. Jean’s cold-smoked sockeye salmon–also known as lox–is a moist and richly flavoured delicacy that is typically sliced thin before serving. We fillet your fish before smoking it in our hi-tech smokehouse. Delicious! Available in fillets or pre-sliced.

*We require whole (cleaned) fish, sides, or large fillets in order to process pre-sliced lox.


Lox Pieces 3.50 Per Lb
Pre Sliced Lox 4.95 Per Lb


Lox Pieces 3.95 Per Lb
Pre Sliced Lox 4.95 Per Lb

Steaking & Filleting

Do you want your fish ready for the grill or in perfect portions?

Our cutting line staff can carefully portion your fish into fillets or steaks (approximately one-pound each) before they are vacuum-packed and frozen.

PS: Our Raincoast Marinade can infuse wonderful flavours into your fish!


Fillets / Steaks 2.45 Per Lb


Loins / Fillets 2.60 Per Lb

10-pound minimum of fish required per process

Sport processing rates subject to change. Please see St Jeans Website for up to date pricing.